Blast from the Past for Deanna Dewey!~ American School & University recognizes the CREC-Academy of Aerospace & Engineering School Design Team.

win_20161121_16_44_45_proIn my career, I have been focused on Education, Municipal and Library design projects.

It has been over  2 years since I worked on the 60 Million dollar, 165,000 square foot building project  called the CREC- Academy of Aerospace & Engineering in Windsor, CT. This was one of the most challenging, interesting and large scale projects of my career to date. It wasn’t easy but I truly loved it!

The project a Combined-Level School of grades 6-12 was published with a “Citation” for an “Imaginative, eye-catching building. Lots of curves and shapes that tie in nicely with the programmatic element.” (American School & University).

This mention of praise feels great especially since I programmed the spaces with the Architect(s) and saw the design through the all phases including the first part of construction before changing my life and creating 4D design.

I am very proud to be part of this project and I learned allot to further my skills as a design professional. This was a challenging project with all the program details of each of the Sciences for a Middle and High School. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Many Art Rooms, Two Music Rooms, Dirty Labs, Clean Technology Labs, Collaborative Media Center and all other general areas of learning and administration as part of the program. The detailed meetings with the principals, teachers and the engineers regarding work flow, teaching methods, adjacencies, furniture, equipment, storage, materials, MEP, technology and lighting was incredible.

 Great work and my congratulations goes out to the “Aerospace Design Team” at Friar Associates and their Consultants. Thank you for not forgetting my contributions to this project. for the full article and photographs. November 2016 Issue (page 62 & 63).

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