What is happening at the L!brary.

 Not your Mother’s Interior Design!

4D design enjoys the concept in Libraries called “Fast and Casual”. It embraces collaboration, break out areas, flexibility in space, new furniture and technology. 

Article in the CLA Newsletter Spring of 2017. Give it a Read.

Another good article this time in Preservation Magazine.

Saving Places!  See article in the Preservation Magazine Article (Feb. 2018) by Lauren Walser.

Public Libraries Across the Country are ready for Their Next Chapter!

“Libraries really are more than just places to get books,” Breisch says. “They’re community and cultural centers.”


Very Enjoyable and Interesting TED TALK from

Designer, Michael Bierut

talking about the Law of Unintended Consequences in Library Design. The Library Initiative is about the NYC school systems redefining or defining their libraries. Date: March 2017. http://www.TEDtalk.com.


Please make sure you go to http://www.designboom.com and see the virtual tour of the MLK Library. It is amazing design and concept of a library that serves all ages and keeps everyone coming back! Clients told the Designers that they wanted to know what the design / space was going to feel like not look like! They included outdoor spaces at ground level and on the rooftop. This library has community rooms, loud and quiet spaces, a cafe and an auditorium. The 3D video is so well done as well.

It is a DC must see.


As an independent Interior Designer  / Business Owner , I care about your project as if it were my own. Consider a small women owned business (S/MBE) with a leader who loves to come to work every day.

“Happy Employees ae more productive. It results in less absenteeism, burnout, and stress. When employees are happy, they are less preoccupied with themselves and more focused on their work and are willing to take on new challenges.”

And my favorite, ” Happy Employees are More Creative”.

(republished on Aug. 24, 2017- American Express- Open Forum, originally published April 3, 2012).









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