4D Creates- Craft Workshops and Crafts for Sale. Special Bookings and Off Site Locations Available. Please Inquire.

Our fall schedule will be out soon. Happy Crafting!

Future Class- Date to be determined. Extreme Felt Flower Wreath. This is a 2.5 hour class for $50. Difficulty Level Moderate. Patience Required. Use of Glue Gun.

April 25th 6pm- 8:30pm. Mosaic Planter (8″) All Pieces are cut and we have glass, porcelain, colors and patterns. Bring your own shells, rocks, coins to add your special touch. $50.00 + tax for planter. Add a Saucer for +$10. Add a basic house plant +$15. Cost from $50.00-$75.00 + tax. Planter can not be taken home that night. Pick up once called about 1week later. This class last pick up will be Feb. 8th. (Location 127 Park Road, WeHa). Level- Moderate.


May 7th at plan b West Hartford we will have a Fundraiser for the Park Road Beautification Club, part of the PRA. A $30 donation and you come home with knowledge on how to plant herbs and cooking tips. 5:45 check in. Level- Easy with Happy Hour Specials.


May 14th at 127 Park Road we will have American Flag Wreath Made out of yarn and tlc. This is a $40 class and the Level is Easy. 5:45pm check in.


SALE: 3 FLIP FLOP WREATHS already made…..$35.00 for pick up at 127 Park Road Great for Beach or Lake House! We have 1 left – Think Summer!

All classes must be paid for in full one week in advance.  There are no refunds. All classes are BYOB (please drink responsibly), there is Free Street Parking and the Maximum Class is 10. Note: all wreaths/projects are for interior use only. If you have a storm door to protect your wreath you may consider this interior. If your door gets very hot I would not suggest this option. Please be on-time. If more than 30 minutes late your project may not be completed and we do not want that! Check in is 5:45pm and we will start at 6pm unless it is a special class.

For Mosaic Planters – Note all pieces are cut before the class. Eye Protection is still offered for this project. Bring your own if you’d prefer. This class may also be messy. Wear old clothing or bring an apron or “smock”. I do offer plastic gloves but please bring your own if you have allergies or painted nails. Please leave rings at home if you can.



NEED A GIFT?  A RAFFLE GIFT? GIFT CARD FOR A CLASS? BRING YOUR OFFICE OUT FOR  A FUN, CREATIVE NIGHT! A great way to get family and friends together- FRIENDS NIGHT, COUSINS NIGHT! BOOK 8 to 10 spots and 4D provides a generous cheese & cracker tray for your group. Or just buy Chalk Painted Ball Jars or Dairy Bottles in 3 colors- white, cream or blue/grey. Flowers vary but oversized work best : hydrangea, sunflowers, magnolias, peony and tulips. Available for Easter, Mother’s Day or any day.

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Any questions email me at 4Ddesign@comcast.net

See pics from our September 13th Workshop, below.

Please note our workshops are small and flexible. If you book the night with your friends and would like a small time change or a special request please just ask. We try to accommodate your requests. We offer a cheese and cracker tray for full classes but if you want to come in 30 minutes early and have local eateries Plan B, Park Tavern or Effie’s deliver your pre-paid order please just let us know (we will be here to accept).

Please note that it is easiest to eat first for space reasons and some of the projects can be messy. We also have limited refrigeration space.

Hope to see your groups soon! Thank you for all who have already been to our classes. A 10% discount applies to repeat crafters.


October 4th’s Workshop. Thank You Ladies.

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