In our free time – Decorative Displays for any Occasion. See our videos!


Fall Contessa was stunning at the Butterfly for Thanksgiving!


Winter Contessa at the Butterfly.

We just finished for Dec. 1st a Winter Contessa for a the Butterfly Restaurant of West Hartford, an entry for the festival of trees at the Wadsworth in Hartford Winter Party Duchess, an entry for the West Hartford Festival of trees (at the First Church) Artsy Girl and the an entry for the Canton Historical Society festival of trees (Winter Mermaid) in addition to new orders. Inquire Now for any theme.

Mini Princess for small spaces like reception desks, Living Rooms or just as a gift are available.


4D design began working on what is now called the Royal Ladies of West Hartford in the fall of 2018 for a Charity event to raise monies for the Arts with the Entry of the Jeannette the Mardi Gras Queen featured below. Next a Duchess Level was created for the holiday season for the Playhouse on Park. Then it began a creative and fun 2nd job creating these decorative beauties for clients, local businesses and friends.

We offer four basic models: The Table Top Contessa, The Floor Model of the Duchess, Princess and Queen. These are handmade, totally custom and can come in any theme. Each level has a cost range, can be delivered and placed within an aprox. 30 mile radius.

If interested please inquire at We have a form for you to fill out to get the process started. If you are looking for one (1) the lead time is two weeks. If you are looking for a dozen (12) for a client or a show please call at 860-716-2363 for additional requirements.

Please note the top two are Table Top “Contessa’s”, the bottom left is a “Duchess”, the bottom right is a “Queen”. “Princess” not shown at this time. The Valentine Contessa will arrive at her location next week. We hope you will enjoy dining with her in West Hartford.

See Photographs and Videos Below.

Spring Duchess SOLD.


Valentine Contessa, Peppermint Contessa, Vintage Duchess and Mardi-Gras Queen

Winter Mermaid / Duchess.


Winter Mermaid


The Making of the Winter Duchess of the Sea

Q: What is next you ask?

A:  Autumn Princess and a Patriotic Princess.



Sketches of what is next!


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