When our Projects start painting we are almost done! See some new colors at our projects. Don’t select these alone. 4D will confirm your making the right Brush Stroke!

Farmington Children’s Library is getting a soothing new paint job. In addition to a 2022 Furniture package. Progress Pictures to come.

CHR (Manchester) Clubhouse and Offices have their first primer coats on this week. The clubhouse and teaching areas are bright and cheerful. We are using an ivory neutral and a nice forest green and spicy orange. This is the first time they have taken a big leap of color in one of their facilities. Progress pictures to come.

Wallingford Public Library is replacing some old wallcovering (14 years old) and beginning to be in poor shape. 4D design has recommended a painter who also worked on their Tween Area. I hope we will be getting some exciting colors accents in the public areas while we are also going the new flooring.

Let 4D help you with a REFRESH!

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