We decided a few years ago to make sure that 4D design (Deanna)and dewright design (Steve) to take a break from work once in a while and get a little culture and exercise. We remembered how hard that was to do when we were in a Corporate Architecture Firm.

We started with Quarterly 1/2 day breaks to museums, historic houses, parks and gardens. Then we got a dog and started to walk and hike on our outings.

We choose hikes with waterfalls, great vistas, cool caves and unique structures.

In 2019 once our dog, Sundae was strong enough to join us. We began our hiking journey with walks and then graduated to hiking. We started at one mile and are now planning a 10 mile hike once it is at least 60 degrees. We have been to New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania and ofcourse Connecticut. Most of our hikes include Sundae the Papillion and recently we have been taking friends and family with us.

Last fall we started telling folks that we were going hiking and we have had so many people join us. We have inspired a few to get new hiking boots / shoes, poles (a favorite for me my pole / stick from REI) and backpacks. One woman has even said she lost some weight and fits in a pair of winter hiking pants that did not fit in November! She said, “Look at my Pants”! Another woman bought us all whistles for safety on the trail which was very nice.

So then we thought hmmm maybe more people would want to join us. It is nice to have a group hike. One reason is you see the helpful and kind parts of people when you are all just trying to complete that days adventure and then you say to yourself or out loud…..

“I did it”!

Watch for our hiking calendar or email me at 4Ddesign@comcast.net. We are amateur guides (for free) and we only expect you to be on time and no political talk. We prepare a hiking list of things to wear or bring that will make you comfortable, happy and safe on the trail. Leashed dogs are welcome but we must coordinate with Sundae! Future hikes include hikes on the A T , Bash Bish Falls, Watkins Glen State Park, Pennwood Forest (a favorite), Day Pond State Park, Falls Brook Falls, Steep Rock Preserve, Southford Falls, Haystack Mountain, Mount Tecumseh, Monument Mountain, Craig’s Castle (gotta do this one again) and back to Black Rock State Park (to name a few for 2021). We also went to Acadia National Park in 2021 this year for a week of hiking. It was amazing.

Notice the colors, textures, sounds and the scents of nature.

For example, tree leaves in the wind make a beautiful chime, wind creates a various patterns on water & snow, rocks can be many colors and scales, the sun can create rays of light or a rainbow.

Relax and get Inspired!


Let’s Take a HIKE!

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