Farmington Library – Main branch, updates “2nd level lounge”. 3+ Years installed and still looking and functioning great! See more of our work in the Children’s Library.

The Farmington Library – Main Branch is a modern building architecture wise however, the interior is warm and has a traditional feeling. In keeping with that aesthetic 4D design has selected clean lines and classic colors with Director, Jay Johnston. This space also has allot of color so we did not want the current interior color scheme to compete with the new pieces. We were hoping for a blending in look.

I recently went back and spent some time with Laura Horn. Two years after the projects were completed they are quite happy with the choices we made together. The quality of the seating, tables and storage on casters is great. She said, “The only thing I would do differently is I would of added more storage for the Maker’s Space and went with a solid surface table top on the round table”. She mentioned the table top because of the various project types a more durable top would of been a value. The cost increase would of been worth it. 

Jay knows what he likes when he sees it. He often travels to Library Shows and Local Showrooms to evaluate the furniture and tech products we are suggesting for the Libraries he manages. This is something 4D design is happy to do with our clients. Connecticut has many local showrooms that can inspire clients and give a “hands on feeling”.

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