About the Designer- Registered in CT & NY.

Hello my name is Deanna (Steeves) Dewey.

My friends and colleagues call me ” D”.

I saw this on a firms website and I really thought it was fun and cleaver. So here is my version.


A- I prefer dogs but I have a greater appreciation for cats recently. I have been living with a domineering tabby for many years named Ogden. In 2018, Sundae the Papillon joined our family. She is an active girl who loves to walk, hike, splash in rivers and snack on peanut butter.

Q-Do you have a Green Thumb?

A-Yes, I have begun to focus on Herb Gardening. I love to grow basil, cilantro and dill. I also grow morning glories from seed each year. I save the seeds from the plants in the fall and plant inside early spring.

Q- What is your favorite Color?

A- All Greens especially lime / kiwi. But Caribbean Blue is a close second!

Q- What is your alma mater?

A- Paier College of Art, Hamden CT

Q-Do you cook? Favorite recipe?

A- I am now the main chef in my house and I do enjoy cooking much more than I used to. I love to find new recipes from Pinterest and Facebook. I am really into Samin Nosrat’s Buttermilk Chicken right now. It is a great moist recipe!

Q- First Job?

A- Paper Route for the once a week local paper called the Step Saver with my sister.


A- I walk 2-2.5 miles every workday in our neighborhood. On weekends I use ALL Trails app to find great Hikes. Talcott Mountain and Wadsworth Falls are favorites. I can handle about a 5-6 mile hike at the maximum but I am working to increase my mileage. 3-4 miles are my easy hikes. I can do easy to moderate hikes at this time. We have been loving hiking with our dog. We have even organized Industry Hikes. In cold weather I use “Lets Dance on the Wii ” and dance to the 80’s and 90’s artists. It is harder and more fun than I thought. I should do more!

Q- Are you musical?

A- I enjoy all kinds of music but I can not carry a tune. But I love to sing. It is not pretty! My Great Aunt used to say to my mother, “she is happy if she is singing. But she will not be winning awards”. What’s New my new home came with a very nice Piano. So may start lessons this winter – 2022.

Q- What do you do after work to relax?

A- We are into walking and hiking right now. I hope to get back into some crafts for the holidays and some savory cooking this fall.

Q- How old is that picture featuring this blog?

A- This photograph was taken by the Rebecca Rose Studio in Colchester, CT. It was a program called Entrepreneurs with Heart. This portrait was featured at the Capitol Building in Hartford in November 2018. Rebecca normally does fine family portraits therefor this was a little different for her. Both Steve (dewright design) and I enjoyed the process and the final product. Please notice the green cast as that is 4D’s signature color.

Arts- Education for Life!


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