About the Designer

Hello my name is Deanna (Steeves) Dewey.

My friends and colleagues call me ” D”.

I saw this on a firms website and I really thought it was fun and cleaver. So here is my version.


A- I prefer dogs but I have a greater appreciation for cats recently. I have been living with a domineering tabby for five years named Ogden. In September, Sundae the Papillion joined our home. She was 8 weeks old and she is a ball of energy and a joy!

Q-Do you have a Green Thumb?

A-Yes, I have begun to focus on Herb Gardening. I love to grow basil, cilantro and lavender.

Q- What is your favorite Color?

A- All Greens especially lime / kiwi. But Caribbean Blue is a close second!

Q- What is your alma mater?

A- Paier College of Art, Hamden CT

Q-Do you cook? Favorite recipe?

A- I am now the main chef in my house and I do enjoy cooking much more than I used to. I love to find new recipes from Pinterest and Facebook. Chicken Madiera and Scallop Mango Tacos are my latest favorites.

Q- First Job?

A- Paper Route for the once a week local paper called the Step Saver with my sister.


A- I walk 2-2.5 miles every workday in nice weather. In cold weather I use “Lets Dance on the Wii ” and dance to the 80’s and 90’s artists. It is harder and more fun than I thought. I should do more!

Q- Are you musical?

A- I enjoy all kinds of music but I can not carry a tune. But I love to sing. It is not pretty! My Great Aunt used to say to my mother, “she is happy if she is singing. But she will not be winning awards”.

Q- What do you do after work to relax?

A- I create Glamorous / Vintage Holiday Decorative Displays using a feminine form. Torsos and mannequins are used to create the basic form and then I decorate them in a theme. Some of these are for charity for example, the Festival of Trees in Hartford at the Wadsworth or the Playhouse on Park a local theater. Others are commissions. My three recent works are Peppermint Contessa, Valentine Contessa and the Floor Model Winte Mermaid at the “Duchess” level. I have created five levels of Royals: Contessa, Duchess, Princess, Queen and Queen Mum. Part of the fun is the search for the Perfect Detail that will “Wow” my client or observer. I recently added videos to my website (in the Decorative Display Blog) to show people my hobby / weekend job.

Q- How old is that picture featuring this blog?

A- This photograph was taken by the Rebecca Rose Studio in Colchester, CT. It was a program called Entrepreneurs with Heart. This portrait was featured at the Capitol Building in Hartford in November. Rebecca normally does fine family portraits therefor this was a little different for her. Both Steve (dewright design) and I enjoyed the process and the final product. Please notice the green cast as that is 4D’s signature color.

Arts- Education for Life!




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