Complete – Edith Wheeler Memorial Library -New Teen Space, A New “Lions CO-OP Lounge” and New Maker’s Space.

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Maker’s Space and Cafe Wall going Up!

New Project -the relocation of the teen area with new furniture, the introduction of a the New Lions Club CO-OP Lounge and a New Maker’s Space. These are exciting projects that will make this library even more popular than it already is!

We opened in November with all of our new spaces including furniture walls, new furniture and new equipment. Our design looks like it was part of the original building project. The wall panel colors were standards but matched the existing wall paint color perfectly. Our team included painters, carpenters, a flooring team, a plumber, furniture wall installers, furniture dealer, the designer and our wonderful EWML staff.

A huge thank you to the Library Director, Lorna Rhyins who has given so much time to our design. Every detail counts and we like this type of thinking. Thank you to her staff who supported her and us. They also had to work while we were working so for this I thank you and the patrons for their patients. To be honest it is much quieter and faster than a full GC construction project.

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