Lunch & Learn Program

4D design Welcomes Lunch & Learns for Credits or General Knowledge. We try to have two a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please reach me if you would like to plan a L&L.

What Are We Learning you Ask?:

Listed below are our recent programs:

  • 11-28-18 – Two programs with Janis Newell of Milliken Carpets for Indoor Air Quality and Carpeting.  A health, safety and welfare (HSW) learning credit day.
  • 11-27-18 – The Continuing Architect Program- Top Daylighting, A Circadian Health & Wellness Perspective. Note: if an employee can consistently get one more hour a sleep each night this would have the employer $1967 a year in sick days/ medical plan usage. This is the first one we took with this free program and with representative, Pascal Marzella of reflex Lighting.
  • 11-20-18 – How to keep your door hardware Code Compliant. Taught by a Dormakaba representative, Jennifer Geber. This woman knows the codes. Very easy to understand and she is a good teacher. Thank you.
  • Eero Saarinen, The Architect who saw the Future (featuring his son as our story teller). His work included buildings, monuments and furniture.
  • Zaha Hadid, A Masterpiece (many projects featured of this female Architect).
  • I.M. Pei- Learning from the Light- Museum of Islamic Art, Doha,Qatar.
  • Frank Llyod Wright, Fallingwater, Bear Run, PA (Kaufman House) (featuring the owner’s son telling the story).
  • Frank Llyod Wright, Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • We are also watching the series e2 (Design Series) on Amazon Prime. This is an interesting series on Environmental Design. Note: Narrated by Brad Pitt- fyi.
  • More to Come :
  • Big Time / Bjork Ingles
  • ABSTRACT: The Art of the Design
  • Visit to the Mark Twain House was on 8/24/18. Did you know that the Mark Twain House was built in 1874 and the house cost $45,000.
  • Visit to the Yale Center for British Arts by Louis Kahn- Date to follow.

We are also looking for suggestions. We only are required to have 4 credits per 3 years but here at 4D design we are looking for 12-24 credits per year in all areas of design. We go above the norm! Not all seminars are HSW, AIA, IDEC credited but all are a great value to our Continuing Education.

Please reach us with your comments. If you by chance have dvd’s of architects, designers, famous places that you want to donate to our library please reach me at Thank you.



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