Lunch & Learn Program, Seminars, Tours and Visits! 4D Keeping Educated!

4D design Welcomes Lunch & Learns for Credits or General Knowledge.  We also purchase many dvd / video’s to learn about arts and architecture at our leisure. In addition, we tour as many historic homes and studio’s as we can as an education day or in our personal time.

Please reach me if you would like to plan a CEU / Online CEU or Lunch and Learn. During Covid 19 we will be doing only Online CEU’s.

Keeping up with our Credits~!

We had a CEU class online with

Surface Materials on 11-20-20, Flexibility in Wood Veneer. 1 HSW Credit.

Surface Materials on 11-19-20, Exterior and Interior Compact Grade (Laminates). 1 HSW earned.

Mark Weiner of Sherwin Williams on 11-12-20 – Selecting the Right Protective Coatings for Diverse Food and Beverage Environments #19.             1 LU/ HSW earned online.

Rick Lindsey of Mapei on 8-12-20  Specifying Successful Tile and Stone Systems – TCNA / ANSI – HSW-1.

Online CEU- Amanda Carlson on Modern Masonry, Fire Protection and Enhanced Performance on June 10, 2020.

On Feb. 27, 2020 I attended a course on Ergonomics 3.0  – Impacting the Human Experience hosted by Interscape of Farmington (HSW-1).

On Feb. 6, 2020 we focused on flooring for two CEU’s: Safety by Design and Designing for Education both given by Carol Polyviou.

On January 27, 2020 we focused Flooring. Flooring Design with Acoustics in mind and Specifying resilient materials over concrete. I.E. Moisture Issues. Thank you Higgins Flooring and Kathy Cloud for offering these CEU’s.

Designing with Innovative Architectural Blocks for Building – by Oldcastle and Echelon was on 11/26/19. Thank you Amanda Carlson.

A Holistic Approach to sustainable Floor Covering. CC 10588R1-1004 HSW 11/126/19.

Enhance a Building’s first Impression- Entry Systems- HSW – 11/26/19.

Thank you Janis Newell and Tom McGuire.

MAP059- J163- Introductions to Moisture & Floor Prep and

MAP0 06A -Grouting Success- Credits earned on October 15, 2019.

Thank you Rick Lindsey of Mapei.

Next two credit hours on health & wellness by Janis Newell of Milliken in October 2019.

Listed below are some of the programs we have done in the last year or so.

  1. 11-28-18 – Two programs with Janis Newell of Milliken Carpets for Indoor Air Quality and Carpeting.  A health, safety and welfare (HSW) learning credit day.
  2. 11-27-18 – The Continuing Architect Program- Top Daylighting, A Circadian Health & Wellness Perspective. Note: if an employee can consistently get one more hour a sleep each night this would have the employer $1967 a year in sick days/ medical plan usage. This is the first one we took with this free program and with representative, Pascal Marzella of reflex Lighting.
  3. 11-20-18 – How to keep your door hardware Code Compliant. Taught by a Dormakaba representative, Jennifer Geber. This woman knows the codes. Very easy to understand and she is a good teacher. Thank you.
  4.  VIDEO’S – keep learning in the office.
  5. Eero Saarinen, The Architect who saw the Future (featuring his son as our story teller). His work included buildings, monuments and furniture.
  6. Zaha Hadid, A Masterpiece (many projects featured of this female Architect).
  7. I.M. Pei- Learning from the Light- Museum of Islamic Art, Doha,Qatar.
  8. Frank Llyod Wright, Fallingwater, Bear Run, PA (Kaufman House) (featuring the owner’s son telling the story). We also visited the FLW Fallingwater in July 2018 (cost about $30)and the house called Kentuck Knob (cost $25) only about 15 minutes from Fallingwater. Tickets were purchased together for a savings. Look for offers.
  9. Frank Lloyd Wright, Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, MI.
  10. We are also watching the series e2 (Design Series) on Amazon Prime. This is an interesting series on Environmental Design. Note: Narrated by Brad Pitt- fyi.
  11. Big Time / Bjork Ingles – video and book.
  12. ABSTRACT: The Art of the Design – Series.
  13. Visit to the Mark Twain House was on 8/24/18. Did you know that the Mark Twain House was built in 1874 and the house cost $45,000. (The cost was $20 however use your library pass for buy one, get one free options. Go with a friend).
  14. Visit to Zimmerman House by Frank Lloyd Wright on 9/5/19 for the Twilight Tour. This was a special tour in the evening that featured a musician playing the harp so the tourists could hear how well the acoustical design worked. This is our second time visiting this FLW house in Manchester, NH. (Cost $35 to non members, $25 to members of the museum).
  15. Visit to the Gropius House in Lincoln, MA on 9/6/19. This is the 100th Anniversary of the School called the Bauhaus. Water Gropius moved to the US to work at Harvard. This was the home he designed for himself and his family. (Cost $15 each, many discounts are offered including AAA).
  16. Visit to deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA – 9/6/19. This is a very interesting place with something for everyone. A fair amount of walking is included but worth every step. Cost was $14 each. We had a pass called the trustees pass. This made the entrance fee (0) zero dollars. Consider a pass.
  17. We bought the trustees pass in May at  the Naumkeag House a Berkshire’s Summer Cottage of the Gilded Age for the Choate family in Stockbridge, MA. The fee was $20 each if you have the trustees pass it is free. The pass was a $65 fee for a family for 1 year from purchase. Only a few minutes from the Red lion Inn, Norman Rockwell Museum (Cost $20 or free if your a NR member, Look at library passes for reduced admission), and a favorite of mine Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio (admission $18 each).

We are also looking for suggestions. We only are required to have 4 credits per 3 years but here at 4D design we are looking for 12-24 credits per year in all areas of design. We go above the norm! Not all seminars are HSW, AIA, IDEC credited but all are a great value to our Continuing Education.

Please reach us with your comments. If you by chance have dvd’s of architects, designers, famous places that you want to donate to our library please reach me at Thank you.

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